80 Years of Craftsmanship and Excellence.

The Descente brand traces its roots back to the company’s establishment in 1935. From early in its history, Descente’s goal has been to enrich peoples’ bodies and minds through sport, and to encourage them always to aspire to a healthy lifestyle. Our strength has been our ability to blend good concepts with the best technology and functionality in design, and we hope that through this, we have succeeded in helping everyone from serious athletes seeking to reach their upper limits, to all sports lovers who feel passionate about their pursuits.



An unsung but vital part of the story of sporting victories is the evolution in the development of performance sportswear. Descente has met every challenge over the past eighty years to consistently develop the best possible sporting apparel, and is always looking ahead to the next goal and the next victory.



Descente is constantly seeking innovative ways to produce even better sports apparel. Working with feedback from world class amateur and professional athletes and teams Descente creates garments to help them perform at their best. The knowhow gained from this has been the cornerstone of Descente’s product development for sixty years.



There is a story behind the manufacture of each and every garment carefully crafted at Descente. Expertise and craftsmanship have been passed on over the years through the hands of our technicians, and each garment is the result of decades of accumulated knowledge.

Descente Descente